Best blackjack strategies: convert casino's odds in your favor

The most important and pleasant for players thing about blackjack is that it is a game of skill, not luck, and they might reach success in online blackjack gambling only in case of smart and well thought-out strategy implementation. Although some element of fortune is inherent in almost all gambling games, but the statement is true for long run at least.

There are a lot of blackjack game systems and it is impossible to point out the only one or two best blackjack strategies, but let us introduce some of the most reliable and popular gaming methods.

Blackjack Basic Strategy

It is widely known that casino always has the house advantage over players and even blackjack is not an exception. However, if players implement blackjack basic strategy correctly and wisely, they could decrease it's the house blackjack odds down to 0.5%, which is rather low index.

The strategy was elaborated in 1962 by Edward Thorp and is based on the theory of probabilities and some mathematical computations. Actually, the method is not claimed to beat the house but could help to reduce blackjack online casino's advantage significantly.

The main sense of basic strategy is to determine correctly when it is better to hit, stand, double, split or surrender depending on players' cards and dealer's up card values. Thereare some special blackjack basic strategy charts developed, which offers a right players' move for any card combination.

For instance, if you have 3 and 5 at the very beginning of the game, which gives you 8 points in total, it is recommended to hit and take one more card. If it appears that the additional card is 3, then you have 11 point overall and according to basic strategy chart the best option for you now is to double. Nevertheless, as you are allowed to double only on your initial two cards, you should choose to hit.

Blackjack basic strategy describes all the possible combinations and how to manage cards in the best way for such situations as hard hands, soft hands and splitting pairs.

Blackjack Card Counting

Blackjack card counting is considered as one of the best blackjack strategies. It is rather sophisticated gaming strategy and it would be better if you have learnt basic strategy before examining card counting. This method is suitable for experienced players who know basic strategy charts by heart and could quickly recall all the needful combinations.

Though, it is really worth to be able to handle with card counting as this strategy could allow you to convert casino's odds into your own favor.

The main idea of card counting is based on the fact that large cards in the deck played are to gamblers' advantage while low cards are more profitable for a dealer. According to the strategy players are to figure out what the cards are in the deck and either increase their bets in case of deck full of high cards, or make minimum bets if there a lot of low cards.