Blackjack History

There are many different blackjack casino games. They are present in every casino, including both online casinos and land-based casinos. Blackjack is a very popular game in the world. To perform the game better, you need to have some mathematical knowledge and of course luck. Courage is a valuable quality to possess but in most cases it will not help you to perform better, if you do not have the other two mentioned qualities. The game is easy to play and because of that the popularity of the game is rising every day. People of all kind could enjoy the game in the ground -based casinos or they could choose to play online their favorite game.

However, you probably still wonder, how everything started with Blackjack? There are many different theories going around. People tend to support two popular theories; one of them is for the European root of the game.

Europe - the birthplace of blackjack

Europe of the 17th century is probably the birthplace of blackjack. Many historians do point this to be a historically proven fact. There was a game in France, which is called "vingt-et-un". When you translate this, you will understand that it means "twenty one".

Also, during that time Miguel de Cervantes described a very similar game called "veintuina"- Spanish translation: "twenty one". Italian people had a game during that time, which resembled blackjack in many ways. In translation the name of the game sounds like "seven and a half". In all these three games, the players must not have a hand higher than 21. If he gets a higher hand, he would lose. These are the common things between the three different games.

Vegas is also a part of the history

Many people immigrated to America and they brought different types of games with them. One of them was blackjack. The state of Nevada will stay in the gambling history as the first state, which legalized gambling. This is the point where everything changed for blackjack. It became one of the most popular games in the world.