Blackjack Odds

You must understand the odds in the game of blackjack. This is something essential, if you want to be the winner. Knowing simple techniques will not let you perform better in the game. Many people proclaim the fact that blackjack is one of the games, where house's edge is really low. This is absolutely true, when the opponents of the dealers have a brilliant strategy and knowledge on the game. That's why the players must be familiar with the math that is used in blackjack.

The charts, which you will find at various gambling sites, will provide you with enough information how to place your bets. Also, the probabilities in percentages will be explained to you in details. This is the secret of every good blackjack player. Knowing the percentages is vital for anyone who dares to challenge the house

You do not have to be a math genius to understand the math behind the card's numbers. There is one term, which is likely to meet, when you search for other charts that will help you understand the odds. This term is "blackjack odds". In most cases, these odds will show what the odds for you to be the winner or loser are. There is another term - "blackjack probability", which is used to describe the odds for the dealer to get a specific card. All the odds are expressed in percentages.

Who has the advantage - Dealer or Player?

The house has specific rules, which could not be ignored by the dealer. He is obliged to obey them at all cost. If the dealer has a hand higher than 16, it is more likely that he will "stand". That's why many of the players "hit", when they see that the dealer is "standing". However, if the dealers has "hit", then he must be having a hand lower than 17. Knowing this information will give you the edge over your opponent.