Best Guide How To Get Blackjack Hit

Did you know that blackjack is a table game in which you have the best odds playing against the house? Don’t get us wrong, the casinos still have the advantage, but it is way smaller than in roulette or other games. If you want to increase your odds further, you will need to learn how the American casino guide blackjack chart works.

These tables contain precise instructions on what you should do depending on the cards you have in your hand. The crucial thing to note is that these charts are based on pure math – each suggested move gives you the best (theoretical) chances to win the round.

It is important to mention that no strategy is bulletproof, but this approach should pay off when you consider your long-term funds. In the long run, sticking to the moves in the tables should secure an increase in your account balance.

How to Choose Blackjack Guide Chart

The charts you use will be the same whether you play in an online casino or a land-based facility. However, keep in mind that you should use different charts for playing with single and multiple decks. Also, some experts suggest different tables depending on whether the casino allows splits after doubles, and whether the dealer stands or hits on soft 17.

Once you identify the right table for you, we suggest printing it. If you are playing online, it will be far easier to have a paper sheet to look at than having to switch tabs every time to look at the chart. Printable sheets are also great if you are playing on mobile, but they are probably not allowed in your favorite land-based facility. If you are visiting a “real” casino, we suggest memorizing the chart first. Playing online might help you to memorize everything more effectively.

Best Blackjack Strategy for Single Deck

If you are playing with a single deck, there are some rules that you always follow:

  • You should always split a hand if you get double eights or double aces.
  • Never split when you have double 5s.
  • Always stand if you have a hard 17 or a pair of 10s.
  • Always double if your hand value is 11.

Other than that, each move may vary depending on the dealer’s shown card and the value of your hand.

Online Blackjack Games

Blackjack game is played in all the casinos all over the world, if has long history, during which blackjack became one of the most popular card games, which are played at gambling rooms. There are a lot of online blackjack variations, which differ quite significantly within their rules and rewards. All these variations appeared due to the different approaches of different nations to this game. Some tried to make blackjack easier to play, other tried to make the payouts bigger, there were also those, who decided to make it even more complicated. You will easily find blackjack variation to your taste, just compare some of the most popular ones and try to play it online.

Whenever game variation you choose, you should always gamble wisely. Of course, you can be followed by intuition making your bets and deciding what to choose – hit or stand, but that will be not the best way to get profit from the game. There exist applicable blackjack strategies that could help players to improve their results in any kind of game. These strategies are not very easy for understanding and implementing, but they are very useful for the gambling and they increase your winning chances greatly! This is one of the main peculiarities of blackjack game – possibility to lower house edge to the minimal point. Besides, only at blackjack game it is possible to control game completely and that is also will be beneficial for you. Keep in mind, that playing online you will not be able to use of the most popular strategy of this game card counting, so you have to know basic blackjack strategy perfectly to play online.

Each casino player knows, that it is very important to pay attention at game odds, as they predetermine game results at the most cases. We also recommend you to pay attention at blackjack myths, as they can be the reason of your losses. Blackjack game is based on mathematics and it is very strange, that some players believe that wearing of lucky underwear can help them to beat the dealer. But this superstition will not influence your game greatly, if this is extra element which you use in line with traditional strategies. There are some superstitions which can make you lose all the time, so be attentive what to believe and use only trustworthy tips.

Read more about blackjack tips how to beat the dealer, which bet is better to make in case of hard or soft hands, how to decrease the house odds in our gambling guide


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