All about blackjack online casino venues: which one to choose

Blackjack history began in 17-th century in France and was originally called 'Vingt-et-un,' which is translated as 'twenty one' from French (the second name for blackjack now). In America blackjack became popular in 19-th century when French immigrants moved there searching for better life.

Nowadays online blackjack gambling confidently continues to hold its ground being one of the most respected and sophisticated casino games ever, so even inveterate and hard-to-please gamblers could easily find a significant number of blackjack online casino venues that would satisfy their highest requirements and conditions.

Let us introduce you some most popular and reliable blackjack online casinos in order you make an easy choice where to play.

QFIT Software: Casino Verite Blackjack

The most distinctive feature of Casino Verite Blackjack is connected to its high-quality graphics and overall user-friendly interface of the site. It is designed in rather modern way keeping balance between bright and pastel shades and is very easy in navigation. The whole system of the venues regarding help tips and drop-down menus is organized in a quite understandable and convenient method.

Casino Verite offers rather well though-out and realistic versions of blackjack game which are appropriate for blackjack newbies, experienced players and game experts. There are a lot of instructions and blackjack tips that are aimed to help to understand the play in case of novices, or improve current knowledge and develop gaming skills, which is useful for professional gamblers.

Players could find out how blackjack basic strategy works as well as how to apply card counting in practice using Casino Verite Blackjack games. There are also a huge amount of different training applications that allow gamblers to try various strategies and methods how to beat the house in blackjack gambling.

You could easily choose the level of complexity or different game variations that are presented in the site for free.

In addition, there are a lot of tournaments that are organized by Casino Verite, so you could compete with other players all over the world.

DeepNet Technologies: Blackjack Expert

DeepNet Technologies are widely known blackjack online casino due to their wide range of blackjack simulators of every sort and kind. There are instructional applications for blackjack newbies and basic software for more experienced players as well.

All the games are suitable both for usual PC's and Mac computers and, moreover, there are some versions that could be launched in Pocket PC's and Palm operating systems.

Blackjack Expert offers the same rules as common brick and mortar casinos practice, so this is rather useful application for training in order to avoid mistakes while playing for real money.

Proficient Blackjack v3. 0

Proficient Blackjack also provides several options for professional and non-experienced players, so you could easily choose the needful level of game complexity. They provide very useful guides with explanations of the process of blackjack game, so players could learn it in all its minutest details including card counting scheme, which allows to convert blackjack online casino's odds in your own favor.