Blackjack Basic Strategy

You will be able to find plenty of different guides online on the topic "how to play blackjack and blackjack strategies". Knowing these strategies will let you better your overall performance. Also, you will be able to have the game better understood. This is important for every person, who wants to deal with blackjack on pro level.

There are only few options, when you play blackjack, that's why picking the right strategy is crucial. There are different options, present in the game, which will help you understand the future strategies. The options include: Hitting/Standing. Doubling Down, Splitting Pairs, Surrendering or Taking


To make up your mind whether to hit or stand, you need to consider the hand of the dealer. You must consider your cards and then come up with a decision. There is a chart, allowing you to get the knowledge you need to have, when you are on the so called "hard hand":

H = Hit, S = Stand

Soft hand

Each hand, which includes an ace, is called a "soft hand". This gives a huge advantage to the player, which has this card because he can do change his strategy during the round. Ace could be counted as 11 or 1. This way the player is also invincible to "bust" because he can switch the ace from 11 to 1 and vice versa. There is a chart to help you understand what you have to do: