Online blackjack gambling: general rules and useful tips

Blackjack is one of the earliest casino card games, which is widely played both in brick and mortal casinos as well as in online blackjack gambling sites.

Blackjack basics

The main distinctive feature of the game is that it offers really high competitive blackjack odds and players' winnings depend mostly on their training skills and mother wit. Therefore, many of gamblers work out their own best blackjack strategies in order to beat the house.

Blackjack is usually played with 1 to 8 common decks of cards. The basic sense of the game is that your winning or losing position is tightly connected with a certain quantity of points that are attributed for each card. Values of the cards from 2 to 10 are assigned to their ranks correspondingly, while face cards have 10 points value each. In blackjack gambling aces are regarded as semi-wild cards and they are valued of 1or 11 points each depending on the player's choice.

Blackjack is sometimes called 'the twenty-one' as the highest hand combination in the game comprises any 10-points card and an ace, which gives in total 21 points and is also called 'blackjack'. A set of cards that is worth 21 points provides a payout of 3 to 2, but in case if both dealer and gambler have winning combinations, the bet is considered as a push. For any other winning cards the payoff is constant and comprises even money.

The main object in blackjack gambling is to beat dealer's card combination and do not exceed the margin quantity of 21 points. If players' cards values give more than 21 grades in total, they are regarded as losers automatically. Such situations are called a bust or break and should be avoided at all costs. If both dealer and player get busts, it is considered that the player loses and exactly this moment brightly demonstrates the house advantage in case of online blackjack gambling at

Players' betting options

Generally, the game starts with placing bets either in the circle or straightly in front of the players. A dealer gives 2 cards for himself/herself and for each player. It is obligatory that one of the dealer's cards is faced up (the up card) and the second one is faced down (the hole card).

The next step for players is to look at their two cards and make a right bet:

  • hit: players take more cards by one till the moment when they either choose to stand or bust;
  • stand: players decide that their two initial cards are enough to win and undertake no actions;
  • double: players decide to double their bet and take only one card;
  • split: players, who have two cards of equal rank, could divide them into two hands and add one more card to each of them;
  • surrender: players give up online blackjack gambling if they think that their initial two cards are not enough to win.

Dealer's options

Commonly, blackjack rules for dealers state that they must hit until they get 17 points or more in total and in case a dealer get busts, all players are considered winners if they do not bust.